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F700GS represents a new generation of BMW’s original and uncompromising enduro models. It behaves confidently on any road surfaces and is ready for any surprises on the road.
Cost-effectiveness of the "Bavarian" is provided by the advanced engine management system and updated exhaust system. Its long-range chassis is adapted to off roads drive and perfectly smooths road bumps. 

The design of BMW F700GS is based on the space-frame chassis with increased stiffness coefficient. It allows installing an extensive intake system with the increased air chamber. A large-volume plastic fuel tank is located under the comfortable seat; it improves the balance on a motorcycle while riding. 

An anti-lock braking system (ABS), as well as reliable disc brakes of BMW F700GS increase safety of travel, making it more controllable in straight runs, and when entering the sharp turns at high speed. The bike is equipped with a new handlebar and an updated, modern display featuring several parameters. For added convenience, the suspension spring could be adjusted by the hand operated wheel.

85-100 Euro per day, deposit 1000 Euro