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Altay – Mongolia – Baikal. 20 days and 6000 km of exciting ride

Fantastic mix of Altay Mountains, Mongolia steppes and landscapes, Lake Baikal nature and Trans-Siberian Route. Must ride adventure 

Novosibirsk – Mongolia – Baikal, 6000 km

  • Dates: 1-20 July and 1-20 August 2022
  • Duration: 20 days (15 riding days + 3 rest days + 2 days arrival/departure)
  • Total mileage: 6 000 km
  • Roads: 60% asphalt, 40% gravel roads
  • Tour level of difficulty: advanced (gravel roads, long distances, serpentine roads, variety of weather)
  • Price: 7950 EUR (includes BMW F750/850GS rent) 
  • Extra charge for BMW R1250GS: 750 EUR
  • Deposit for the motorcycle: 1500/1800 EUR for F750GS/F850GSR1250GS
  • Price if you ride your own motorcycle: 4950 EUR 
  • Single room supplement: 450 EUR

Key tour highlights: the whole tour is a highlight, we visit places that are among most exciting and interesting for motorcycle touring 

Included services:

  • Motorcycle rental (BMW F750/850GS)
  • Petrol (for rented motorcycles only)
  • Accommodation in 3-4* hotels (based on sharing a double/twin room)
  • Breakfasts (during all days)
  • Meals (lunches and dinners during riding days)
  • English-speaking guide on a motorcycle
  • Support VAN 
  • Entry tickets to places of interest
  • Visa assistance

Services not included:

  • Air tickets to/from Russia
  • Personal medical insurance
  • Visa counsel fee
  • All services not mentioned as included


Route: where we will go

Novosibirsk – Gorno-Altaysk – Kosh-Agach – Achit Lake – Khyargas Lake – Khar Lake – Tosontsengel – Khorgo – Ulaanbaatar – Ulan-Ude – Lake Baikal – Krasnoyarsk

Day 1. Arriving to Novosibirsk

Getting bikes, meeting team, making final arrangements and welcome dinner in the evening.

Day 2. Novosibirsk – Gorno-Altaysk, 450 km

We go to Gorno-Altaysk, out of civilization. We stay in the cozy eco-hotel on the Katun River. 

Day 3. Gorno-Altaysk – Kosh-Agach, 460 km

Along Katun and Chuya rivers we go across beautiful Altay region with fantastic mountain scenery around.

Day 4. Kosh-Agach – Achit Lake, 230 km

We pass Mongolian border and go to The Achit lake or Achit Nuur, the largest source of freshwater in Uvs Province. It is the birth of different streams and rivers like The Tsagaan, Khatuugiin, Bukhmurun and Uliastai rivers. 

Day 5. Achit Lake – Naranbulag – Khyargas Lake, 290km

We continue driving to Khyargas Lake through Naranbulag town. Be prepared for serious water-crossings today. Khyargas Lake is a huge inland salt sea 75 km long. The water is brackish and has rare fish such as Mongolian grayling. The south side of the Khyargas lake looks so beautiful that seems jutting the marble white rocks. The surrounding atmosphere of the lake area makes you feel that you are really separated from bustling outside world. Enjoy swimming and bird watching.

Day 6. Khyargas Lake – Khar Lake, 340 km

We cross dry salt lake and come to unique sand dunes. A few kilometers of sand riding today. Khar Us Nuur (Dark Water Lake), the second-largest freshwater lake in Mongolia at an altitude of 1980 meters. Khar lake is the perfect habitat for wild ducks, geese, wood grouse, partridges and seagulls. We think that Khar lake is one the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Day 7. Rest day at Khar Lake

We visit Senjit Crag wide granite nature’s door on the mountaintop rock surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Enjoy climbing Mongolian biggest sand dunes and admire the natural beauty. Swimming is definitely possible.

Day 8. Khar Lake – Tosontsengel, 250 km

Tosontsengel is the local town of Zavkhan province. It’s a good place to investigate how local people live.

Day 9. Tosontsengel – Khorgo (Tariat), 200 km

Today we drive to Khorgo-Terkh National Park, one of the Mongolian Seven Wonders.

We visit Khorgo extinct volcano and Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake (The Great White lake) made by volcano. The lake is beautiful with crystal clear fresh water and supports pike & other fish. Plenty to see and explore around.

Day 10. Khorgo(Tariat) – Tsetserleg – Kharkhorin, 300 km

We go through the town of Tsetserleg, the center of Arkhangai Province and visit the legendary Taikhar Rock. On the rock there are numerous ancient inscriptions. Than we pass Chuluut canyon.

We drive to Karakorum, the ancient capital of Great Mongolian Empire of Chinggis Khan in the 13-14th Centuries. We visit the oldest and one of the most attractive monasteries Erdene, the legendary Turtle of Karakorum and the Phallic Rock statue.

Day 11. Kharkhorin – Ulaanbaatar, 380 km

We drive to Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia with heavy traffic and crazy driving.

Day 12. Rest day in Ulaanbaatar

Visit the National Museum of Mongolian History, Gandan Monastery and Genghis Square (Sukhbaatar Square). Explore Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, the last Mongolian king’s winter palace, Buddha Park. Do cashmere shopping in a souvenir shop or whatever else you want to do.  Drive to Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue in the place where Genghis Khan grew up.

Day 13. Ulaanbaatar – Ulan-Ude, 600 km

We go back to Russia. A long time ago Ulan-Ude was a Mongolian city, now it’s Russian one. Lots of nationalities live here: Buryats, Barguzin Jews, Evenks, Mestizo and others. There are many Buddhist temples in the city. At the restaurants we have a chance to try the traditional local food and famous Baikal fish - omul.

Day 14. Ulan Ude – Irkutsk – Listvyanka, 520 km

The road to Irkutsk goes along the Baikal shore. Today you will see the biggest and one of the purest lakes in the world.

Day 15. Rest day in Listvyanka (Baikal shore)

After good rest and healthy breakfast we visit Baikal Museum and Cherskogo Peak to take photos of the lake. We also visit local market and have a boat trip.

Day 16. Listvyanka – Tulun, 475 km

Road to Tulun goes through many small villages and stops. Among the most interesting places we are going to see is Taishet bike guesthouse with Igor Shalygin. We spend a night in Tulun in a countryside hotel with Russian banya (sauna) on the banks of the river.

Day 17. Tulun – Krasnoyarsk, 665 km

Krasnoyarsk is situated on the Yenisei River, one of the biggest rivers in the world. In the evening we walk around the city center and have a dinner at a local restaurant with early go for sleep.

Day 18. Krasnoyarsk – Kemerovo, 540-700 km

Today we stay for a night in Kemerovo. It is an industrial city, although it is tidy and quiet. In the city center, we will see a beautiful embankment of the Tom River and lots of monuments.

Day 19. Kemerovo – Novosibirsk 290 km

We have a peaceful and beautiful road to Novosibirsk, the biggest city on the Trans-Siberian route. Today this is the 3rd largest city in Russia, a cultural and scientific capital of Siberia. In the evening we have a walk in the city center. 

Day 20. Departure