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Riding heavy tour-enduro bikes on gravel roads, advanced course. For those who want to ride to Magadan, Mongolia, Pamir

Tour-enduro bike riding advanced course. For those who want to improve their tour-enduro riding skills. A perfect match if you are about to travel to Pamir, Altay, Mongolia or Magadan

This course is perfect for those who:

  • Have traveled enough on-road and desperately want to open the world of off-road travelling
  • Want to improve their off-road riding skills
  • Want to learn how to maintain their own bike themselves
  • Want to start travelling on the bike without any fear and unconfidence

Goals of the course – to be able to travel to the destination point no matter what the road is like.

Itienerary (takes places in Sochi)

Day 1. Arrival

Arriving to Sochi. Meeting at the venue, intro to your bike, checking the gear and signing on. Personal aims and requests are to be discussed at the group dinner. 

Day 2. Theory and basics at the off-road training ground (with the light 250 cc bikes)

After a short theory part we will move to the training ground where we will take 250 cc enduro bikes and practice:

  • One-hand driving
  • Natural obstacles crossing (trees and pits)
  • Ruts driving
  • No clutch driving
  • Steep up-hill driving and starting on the slope

After lunch we will move to the mountain trail to sustain the results.

Day 3. Theory and basics at the off-road training ground (with the heavy bikes)

After a short kick-off we will move with our BMWs F700/800 GS to the off-road traing ground and practice:

  • Driving along the board/log
  • Natural obstacles crossing
  • Emergency braking on unpaved roads
  • Start on the slope
  • Slalom driving

After lunch the will be “The key things in off-road motorcyle touring“ lecture covering:

  • Ford crossing
  • Oil change after ford crossing failure
  • Towing the bike and push start of the bike
  • A daily check-list of the bike
  • Breaking pads change and wheels repairment
  • Suspension adjustement

In the evening we will go to the banya, have some rest and discuss the results.

Day 4. Searching for the lost world. Ritsa lake and Pskhu village

Today we start our short two-day tour. Мы посетим дачу Сталина на озере Рица и попробуем добраться до сложнодоступного села Псху. There mostly will be paved roads to ride, but as soon as we get the opportunity to have a bit of off-road riding we will do that.

In the evening we will talk about the key aspects of a safe motorcycle journey:

  • Fitness
  • Environment safety
  • Travel fellows and morale
  • Getting the bike ready
  • Stuff needed

We will stay a night in the near of Ritsa lake.

Day 5. Returning to Sochi

Ride to ancient Ambara temple and variety of gravel and serpentine roads in the mountains. After lunch we return back to Sochi, A farewell dinner with receiving the certificates will be waiting for us in the evening.


General Terms and Conditions

  • Dates: 15-19 of April and 6-10 May 2020
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price: 1500 EUR 
  • Price if you ride your own motorcycle: 1000 EUR  
  • Single room supplement: 200 EUR
  • Max. group size – 6 persons
  • Venue place – Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana

Price includes:

  • Accommodation in 3-4* hotels (shared room)
  • Breakfasts (during all days)
  • English-speaking guide and instructor on the bike/at the training ground
  • Motorcycle rental
  • Motorcycle gear
  • Motorcycle insuarance
  • Petrol (for rented motorcycles only)

The price doesn’t include:

  • Air tickets to Russia
  • Medical insurance
  • Lunches and dinner
  • All other expenses not listed above