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Frequently asked questions - FAQ - about traveling in Russia by motorcycle

What is the group size?

8-12 customers + 2 guides, one riding bike and second with the support vehicle.

Do you have a support vehicle?

Yes, in most of the tours.

What bikes do you have?

BMW F750GS, F850GS and R1250GS. We don't have other brands and other models of BMW.

Do we use highways or secondary roads?

We use secondary roads in 80% of time. Sometimes we ride highways when there are no other alternatives. 

Do you use mostly paved or unpaved roads?

Most of our tours are asphalted and don't require any off-road riding skills. Sometimes we use unpaved roads, but usually these are short 10-20 km. sections. There are several tours, like Altay Mountains, Magadan Road of Bones, Kyrgyzstan and few other where there are more off-road.

For those who are interested in off-road adventures we have Magadan (Road of Bones), Altay (Mountains in Siberia) and Central Asian (Tian Shan and Stans) tours with more gravel roads.

Can I ride with passenger?

Yes sure, we have riders with pillion/passenger in most of our tours.

How much money I need per day?

As most of the expenses are included every day in most tours (breakfasts, lunch and dinner, toll roads, excursion, fuel, etc.) you need small money for beer, snacks, some personal expenses. On average 30-50 Euro will be more than enough.

Do we stay in hotels all days or there are some days in tents? What is the level of hotels?

In most tours, including Moscow - Vladivostok, we stay in 3-4* hotels that were carefully selected to show you regions specifics. Our guests in their feedback forms rate hotels very good or excellent as a rule. We have tents only in one tour, it's Vladivostok - Magadan.

I am 70-75 years old, is it ok for me to join your tour or I am too old?

Most of our guests are 60-70 years old, every year we have 72-73 years old riders doing Moscow - Vladivostok tour, so its not about age, but more about your physical and mental shape and intentions.

Are motorcycles insured?

Yes, we have two options for the bike insurance. When you get bike, you either pay a 1000-1500 Euro deposit and that is max amount you can lose (if the bike's damages cost less than your deposit we will pay you the difference back) or in some of the tours you pay a non-refundable full coverage motorcycle insurance of 350 Euro.

Is it difficult to make visa?

Well, it takes some time and paperwork, but in general nothing special. And we always help with this.

Can I ride my own bike?

Yes, in all our tours you can participate with your bike

What is best time for visiting Russia?

Riding season is open from middle April till October

What tour you would recommend, which is the best one?

We don't have one best tour; Russia is very big country and there are many interesting places that are worth visiting. From our point of view, if you are more interested in cultural aspects of travel then Moscow-Saint-Petersburg or Moscow-Saint-Petersburg-Karelia are the one you need. If you prefer more riding and serpentine roads, then Sochi-Elbrus or Sochi-Crimea are your choice. For real adventure riders we would recommend Moscow-Vladivostok, Magadan (Road of Bones), Altay Mountains (heart of Siberia) tours.

What is the temperature in Russia during the tour?

+20...+25 on average

How can I book tour?

To secure place you must pay 30% deposit at the time of booking and balance payment 2-4 months before the tour starts. You can pay with your card by the link that we will send you, you can make direct bank transfer or pay via PayPal.

Do I need international driving license?


Where can I leave my luggage for the time of the tour?

If it's a round tour you can leave your bags in the hotel or in our office. If it's a one-way tour, you can always take your bags in a support vehicle. And if there aren't support vehicle in your tour we can ship your bags to the last day hotel.

Do you have riding gear for rent?

Yes, but it's better to bring your own if you have it.

Do you provide paper maps and GPS?

Yes, we provide paper maps, tour book (day by day itinerary, hotel list, restaurants, places of interest we stop at, GPS coordinates, contact information, etc.), and GPS track for each tour. You can rent GPS Navigator for extra charge.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your participation 2-3 months before the tour we make full refund, cancelling after will cause penalty, please see here for more details -

What should I bring with me?

Few weeks before the tour we will send you an e-mail with a tour book, group information and advices regarding what to take with you. In most cases its usual riding gear – pants and jacket, helmet and motorcycle boots, gloves, clothes with the wind stopper material. Based on the tour that you are going to ride we can advise to take some specific things with you.