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Why ride with us?

Russia is the largest county in the world with huge variety of places - nature, history, culture, landscape. More than 200 nations live in Russia in 85 regions (a kind of states in USA), they speak 35 languages, follow 7 religions. Russia is surrounded by 12 seas and 3 oceans, there are Caucasus mountains, Sayan Mountains, Altay Mountains, Lake Baikal, tundra, taiga, steppes and forests, permafrost area and deserts.

Until recent years traveling/touring infrastructure was in relatively poor condition, there were many bad roads, not enough hotels, petrol stations, cafés and restaurants, tourist places of interest, etc. Nowadays situation is changing fast and tourism is one of the most growing sectors of Russia economy.

Many new roads were built or reconstructed in last 5 years, mobile phone works almost everywhere and is very cheap, thousands of hotels were built, many museums or national parks were rebuilt and opened again. Far East region is rapidly growing, Siberia is developing, Saint-Petersburg is few years in a row winner of the most beautiful tourist place to go. Wi-fi is available everywhere, credit cards are widely accepted, you can use, tripadvisor, facebook and other sites without any restrictions.

Still there is a language barrier which is the main obstacle for 99% of people. Locals don’t speak English language, only in big cities there are menus in English in the restaurants and people in the street can help you. In the regions, especially in Siberia, few people speak English. Riding is safe, but you just don’t get right cultural immersion when you ride alone or in a self-guided tour, you can’t ask what this is and why they are doing that. And if something happens with a bike or you feel sick its much more complicated to solve even simple issues without language.

We suggest to explore Russia in a guided tours because:

  1. We show and explain you everything, its not just a ride a looking around, but every day we discuss different topics, about Romanov family and Monarchy in Russia Empire, about USSR, Putin, Lenin, Revolution, Economy, Culture, Traditions, Cuisine, Gorby, Perestroika and hundreds of other topics
  2. We spend many years scouting secondary roads and we constantly update our knowledge base. In contrast to using google.maps and highways we will show you best roads we have in Russia
  3. We know non-touristic places of interest, interesting people living in different regions and places and we show them to you
  4. Hotels we selected have secure parking and offer experience you can have in Russia. Sometimes these are small guest houses, sometimes local Russian hotel chains
  5. We know local guides in most of the places we stop by and they do private excursions for you
  6. We have largest and most new park of BMW motorcycle in Russia
  7. We are really proud of our guides, they are best of the best and they will provide you top quality service 
  8. In most tours there is support VAN that guarantees whatever happens we always have extra bike, spare parts, place for luggage, etc. 

We are #1 tour company in Russia. We help, explain, care about everything while our customers have great vacations. Our bikes are all latest models, we arrange visits to local motorcycle clubs, make real Russian banya (sauna), do vodka tasting and many other things that are cool to try if you are in Russia.

Riding with us is safe and great cultural enrichment. Below is small selection of photos from last year tours.