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Our fleet

In RMT we have 30 BMW motorcycles we provide for our tours. We permanently renew our fleet, so all our bikes are less than 3 years old and fully serviced. All the motorcycles are equipped with heated handlebar grips, touring windscreen, protection (bar, engine, frame, headlight), BMW-Navigator cradle mount, side panniers (35 l. and 38 l.) and top cases (36 l.).

Upon request we can provide you with a Touratech Adventure Rack-Pack and low rider seat.

You can find the specifications of our motorcycles in the list below. While choosing a motorcycle you want to ride please always make sure that it fits your height, physical condition, driving skills and the tour you are going to take.



Seat Height: 790 - 810 mm 
Weight: 209 kg dry weight 
Power: 75 HP 

F700GS represents a new generation of BMW’s original and uncompromising enduro models. It behaves confidently on any road surfaces and is ready for any surprises on the road.
Cost-effectiveness of the "Bavarian" is provided by the advanced engine management system and updated exhaust system. Its long-range chassis is adapted to off roads drive and perfectly smooths road bumps. 

The design of BMW F700GS is based on the space-frame chassis with increased stiffness coefficient. It allows installing an extensive intake system with the increased air chamber. A large-volume plastic fuel tank is located under the comfortable seat; it improves the balance on a motorcycle while riding. 

An anti-lock braking system (ABS), as well as reliable disc brakes of BMW F700GS increase safety of travel, making it more controllable in straight runs, and when entering the sharp turns at high speed. The bike is equipped with a new handlebar and an updated, modern display featuring several parameters. For added convenience, the suspension spring could be adjusted by the hand operated wheel.



Seat Height: 850 - 880 mm 
Weight: 214 kg dry weight 
Power: 85 HP 

BMW F800GS is the most universal bike, that can help you in any situation. Doesn't matter where you want to go, Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, Golden Ring, Trans-Siberian Road, Magadan, Karelia, Altay Mountains, Old Summer Road or BAM - you can rely on this bike in every situation. 

It’s a bit cheaper than R1200GS but it has more than enough of power. And it has great suspension and R21 front wheel that can help you pass most of the road inequalities while travelling in Russia. Another big advantage of this bike is weight. The bike is way lighter than R1200GS, especially in Adventure modification with panniers and top case. 

We have eight of F800GS in our park, most of them are for Moscow-Vladivostok Tour, but you can also rent this bike for any other tour or for a self-guided one. 



Seat Height: 790 - 870 mm 
Weight: 238 kg dry weight 
Power: 125 HP 

The BMW R1200GS is the most successful model in the German manufacturer’s history which has become the modern standard for long-haul travelling both on- and off-road. 

It is the best-selling motorcycle of BMW Motorrad, which has been repeatedly winning the record sales battles in the US and UK markets. The Germans succeeded in making the GS bike so easy to drive, together with being comfortable for the driver and safely ridden on all kinds of road, that it has become the best-selling motorcycle model in many countries. 

In 2007, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman rode their GSA from Scotland to South Africa; that journey was documented in great "Long Way Down" TV series. 

BMW's Adventure series of GS models were first launched in 2001 and were based on the BMW R1150GS. From the very beginning, they are used during the long journeys on any roads, and even without them. Larger tank and long-stroke suspension are the calling card of Adventure motorcycles. 

The bike is equipped with a full complement of electronics: the integrated ABS, Enduro ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and tire pressure sensors. 


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