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Motorcycle rentals in Russia

In our tours we ride one of the most successful enduro/touring motorcycles on the planet, the legendary BMW GS series. We offer you a choice of three options: the top of the GS model line BMW R1200GS, the most common and popular BMW F800GS and F700GS, being one of the junior models, but with its own performance benefits. All our models are equipped with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), motorcycle trunks and protection. GPS Navigation can be provided upon request

Seat Height: 790 - 870 mm

Weight: 238 kg dry weight

Power: 125 HP

125-150 Euro per day, deposit 1500 Euro

Seat Height: 850 - 880 mm

Weight: 214 kg dry weight

Power: 85 HP

100-125 Euro per day, deposit 1200 Euro

Seat Height: 790 - 810 mm

Weight: 209 kg dry weight

Power: 75 HP

85-100 Euro per day, deposit 1000 Euro