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About motorcycle: We have almost 20 BMW F850GS in our fleet. This is the ultimate bike for for all types of roads. Excellent suspension, spoke wheels and R21 front wheel. This bike has less power than R1200/1250GS but this power is enough. And it has great suspension and R21 front wheel that can help you pass most of the road inequalities while travelling in Russia. Another big advantage of this bike is weight.

What kind of travel is this motorcycle suitable for: BMW F850GS is the most universal bike, that can help you in any situation. Doesn't matter where you want to go, Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, Golden Ring, Trans-Siberian Road, Magadan, Karelia, Altay Mountains or Georgia - you can rely on this bike in every situation. So, it is a good choice for any travel.

Motorcycle package: All our motorcycles have three luggage cases, wind screen, hand protection, crash bar, heated handles. Navigation support system can be provide upon request. When booking, please specify whether you need all three luggage cases or just top case is enough.

Cost of rent:

1-3 days 150 Euro
4-7 days 140 Euro
8-13 days 130 Euro
14+ days 120 Euro


Pick-up and drop-off place: You can rent this bike in Moscow, Sochi, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. There is an option of renting a motorcycle for Moscow - Vladivostok or vice versa self-guided tour.

Deposit for the motorcycle is 1500 Euro. Can be paid by cash or with card.

120-150 Euro per day, deposit 1500 Euro