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Self-guided tours

Self-guided tour is a great opportunity to explore Russia on your own but with a backup support from local tour company that can advises roads, books hotels, helps in case you face any technical or other issues. We know interesting roads, cozy hotels, tasty restaurants where locals eat, service station and dealers in all main cities and we have contacts of local guides that can arrange city tours for you.

It can be, either one of our standard tours, for example Moscow-Saint-Petersburg or Moscow-Vladivostok, or your own custom-built adventure.

  • Is it possible to rent bike with GPS, tracks downloaded, and all hotels booked in advance? – Yes, it is
  • Is it possible to make a custom tour with my own bike and slightly or absolutely different program? – Yes, it is
  • What is the price of the custom tour? It depends on the route, on the hotels that you prefer, on the bike that you use. On average the price with your own bike is 100 Euro per day. Price with our rented bike 200 Euro per day. That is approx. numbers, please contact us at to get your quote

If you book a self-guided tour in most common scenario you will receive:

  1. Invitation letter for visa
  2. Tour book – documents with detailed information about the tour with GPS coordinates, hotels list, safety rules for riding in Russia, general information about Russia
  3. GPS track with route, all petrol stations and hotels
  4. Arrangement of all excursions along the tour
  5. 24/7 support in case something happens (repair the bike, arrange transportation, help with information, etc.)
  6. If you need to rent a bike you can do it. Our bikes have side panniers and top case, GPS support. In the fleet F750GS, F850GS and R1200/1250GS. Price depends on the route, total mileage, bike. Please contact us at to get personal quote
  7. Souvenir pack from Russia

We wish you a pleasant stay in Russia and will provide all information, support and assistance you may need.