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Type of tours

We offer variety of tours that match interests and opportunities of different people. In general, we divided all tours into five main categories so that you can easily choose the one you need:

         1. Weekend tours

This are short 3-4-day tours, which start and finish in Moscow. Weekends tours are well suited for beginners because of good roads around Moscow, relatively small distances we ride every day and many different places of interest we visit. Nevertheless, there are exceptions: for example, the tour to Seliger and Valdai National Park contains a lot of dirt roads.

Weekend tours allows you yo see a lot - the central region of Russia is very rich in various sights and historical monuments, small towns, villages, monasteries, museums, etc. These tours are the easiest opportunity to enjoy motorcycle driving in Russia if you visit country with business trip, for family reasons, or any other occasion and you want to try motorcycle touring here.

        2. Classic tours

This is the basic format of motor tours, to which you are accustomed. The duration of such tour is 7-14 days. All of them have a rich cultural and historical program. Geography classic tours diverse. This is Central Russia, rich in cultural and historical part. This is the South of Russia, where you will find subtropics, mountains and sea. And also, it is the North, Russian Scandinavia, with its coniferous forests, lakes and cold seas. Lasting for about 8-14 days these tours give you a chance to explore the most famous and beautiful areas of the Russia, such as Elbrus Mountains, Saint-Petersburg, Crimea Peninsula, Kizhi wooden museum, Volgograd, etc.

        3. Adventure tours

For those who always dreamed about doing a once in a lifetime adventure such as “Road of Bones” or “Trans-Siberian Route” we offer our 15 -25-day long adventure motorcycle tours. These tours are challenging: they cover the most remote, wild and virgin parts of Russia. If the Central part of Russia, the West, is well developed and has a good infrastructure, in the East everything is different - roads are no so good, sometimes they are gravel, there are less people and cities, wild nature in its original form. 

Some of these tours have plenty of dirt roads, for example Magadan - the Road of Bones. Others have 99% asphalted roads, for example our most popular adventure 25-day tour Moscow – Vladivostok. In doesnt matter which adventure tour you will select make sure you are ready for it. These tours will test your endurance, mental and physical shape, but on the other hand they will bring you bright memories, emotions and experiences.

        4. Expeditions

If you need a massive journey and a real challenge that’s the choice. We have two expeditions so far in our calendar for 2020:

1) The Stans - a 44-day ride from Russia to Pamir Highway in Stans (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, etc.)  

2) Nomads Trail - 46-day ride from Russia through Kazakhstan and Mongolia to Magadan

You will spend about two months exploring different countries and faraway regions of Eurasia. Expedition is more than a tour, it's an epic adventure. In expeditions you will go to the most beautiful corners of the former Soviet territory and Asia. There will be plenty of dirt roads. There will be places where there is no one within a radius of many kilometers. This is an opportunity to know the world as it is.

        5. Enduro Training

We do tours in different places of Russia and the world, and often go on dirt roads. And we see in our tours that not everyone knows how to ride an adventure bike on the dirt.

In order to teach you to ride dirt roads on adventure bike, we have done Enduro training. Enduro training is made in the same format as the tour: The price includes accommodation, excursions, motorcycle rental, transfer, visa support, etc. The program includes training for riding on asphalt and dirt. We ride light endure bikes and heavy BMW adventure bikes. Each program is sure to have a beautiful trip to the mountains. We do this training in the mountains of Sochi, in the south of Russia.

        6. Self-guided tours

If you want to travel alone, this is your choice. Just you and the bike. We will write a program, show the roads, point the most interesting places and book hotels. We can provide motorcycle, equipment and navigation. All you need is to hit the road.