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About motorcycle: We have almost 20 BMW R1250GS motorcycles in our fleer, all bikes are 1-2 years old (2020-2021). This is a universal heavy adventure bike. The best-selling motorcycle in Russia, it has many advantages: very powerful, excellent suspension, handling and wind protection. These motorcycles can be called the flagships of our fleet.

The BMW R1250GS is a further development of the BMW R1200GS. In fact, it is the same bike, but with a new, more powerful engine. In addition, the BMW R1250GS model has a led headlight, really nice, and a color monitor instead of a dashboard. It seems like a small difference, but it's easy to feel. The head light has become better and the display is easy to read and convenient to view any information.

What kind of travel is this motorcycle suitable for: This motorcycle is universal and allows you to travel anywhere. Ideal for asphalt of any quality, from highway to broken secondary road. We use R1250GS mostly in Moscow - Vladivostok, Moscow - Saint-Petersburg, Sochi - Moscow, Sochi - Elbrus, other paved tours. It’s also fine for Altai, Georgia and other tours with asphalt/dirt roads 90%/10%. Riding on serious off-road (gravel, stones, sand, mud, etc.) is possible, but it should be borne in mind that this is a heavy motorcycle.

In most adventure tours, like Magadan, Nomads Trails or STANs, we don't use them, we prefer to take the lighter BMW F850GS instead. The 1200GS can do it, but it's just not the perfect bike for such a purpose. 

Motorcycle package: All our motorcycles have three luggage cases, wind screen, hand protection, crash bar, heated handles. Navigation support system can be provide upon request. When booking, please specify whether you need all three luggage cases or just top case is enough.

Rental Rate

1-3 days 175 Euro
4-7 days 155 Euro
8-13 days 145 Euro
14+ days 135 Euro


Pick-up and drop-off place: You can rent this bike in Moscow, Sochi, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. There is an option of renting a motorcycle for Moscow - Vladivostok or vice versa self-guided tour.

Deposit for the motorcycle is 1500 Euro. Can be paid by cash or with card.

135-175 Euro per day, deposit 1500 Euro