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Extended Version of the Trans-Siberian Route is available now

We are pleased to announce that finally we released new Extended Version of the Trans-Siberian Route. Its 43 days, 12 500 km, Saint-Petersburg-Vladivostok tour. You can see full tour description on our web site

Comparing to our usual Moscow-Vladivostok tour (25 days and 10 000 km) there are several main changes. First of all we start in Saint-Petersburg, second largest city of Russia and probably most beautiful. On tripadvisor and other web sites it is ranked even higher than Moscow by tourists, and that is true – Palaces and Cathedrals, Neva river and Hermitage, Peterhof and Amber Room, and many more.

Second different from regular tour, is that in extended version we have slightly slower riding pace. There are no 500-750 km per day sections, instead we ride 250-400 km per day on average, so there is less riding and more time to enjoy everything around.


Although we are still confident that classic 25 days Moscow-Vladivostok is an epic ride with perfect timing, some of you asked for longer tour, less km per day, more relaxed journey. If you belong to such group of riders please book our extender version of this tour.

Last, but not least. We also made some minor changes to the route, adding Olkhon Island at Lake Baikal, Arshan mountains, etc. These changes also add some exclusivity to this ride.

Our plan is to do 2 Long Trans-Siberian Tours, one starting from Saint-Petersburg in May and another one starting in Vladivostok in July. Recent news from Russian ministry of tourism confirmed that 60 days e-visas will be available from 1st of January 2021, hence we can run such tour easily, no need to make business visas.

Please give us our feedback in comments, what you think of this ride? Does it make sense for you or its too long? Do you know anyone who can be interested in such journey? If yes please share this post with your friends.

Stay healhy and we look forward to see you in Russia next year.

Moscow-Vladivostok Extended tour