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Is it safe in Russia? Update 2019

Is it safe in Russia? This question is sometimes asked by our customers. After doing motorcycle tours in Russia for three years in a row and meeting hundreds of riders from all over the world we can with full responsibility answer YES, it’s safe in Russia.

No to be unfounded lets talk about this is more details. What is safety in general? We think it’s safe to be somewhere when you can walk anywhere, and you are not afraid of robbery. There is no constant terroristic threat and there is at least average level of medicine. There are no death diseases, poisonous animals, etc. Roads are in good condition and local drivers respect motorcyclists. There are driving rules, and police bother that drivers follow them. Local people are friendly and helpful. There are touristic police that help foreigners in case of any problems. There is widely accessible Wi-Fi, credit cards are accepted everywhere, you can use internet without restrictions

Please get us right, we are not trying to persuade you that Russia is the safest place on the Earth, but we can tell you for sure that Russia is not a dangerous place to go. During last years there were Olympic games in Sochi, F-1 races, FIFA World Cup and many other sport, cultural and social events with many visitors from other countries. You can browse internet and see feedback of UK, German, USA, Brazil, etc. tourists that visited Russia – everybody say everything was ok. And there was not a single accident during this huge event.

If we talk about motorcycle travelling, is it safe to ride a motorcycle in Russia, best argument that it’s safe, you can find by reading various reports by hundreds of people from all over the world at Horizons Unlimited Russia, at Adventure Rider, and in many other forums and magazines.

Take care and see you one day in Russia!