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Moscow - Vladivostok Private Tour in June 2019

Last week one of our guides Anton finished a custom Moscow-Vladivostok tour. Here are his impressions after the ride:

"And we have finally made it. 25 days of journey with amazing Otto and Silvia from Austria are over. We have covered more than 10 000 km. of roads, crossed 21 districts of Russia and stayed in 18 cities. It was an incredible journey through a vast country. Amazing landscapes, gorgeous Baikal lake, Ural mountains, endless stеppes of Buryatia, forests and plains with charming greenery - I don't even know how to describe how beautiful it was.

We did a test drive of the new Ural motorcycles in Yekaterinburg, did a boat trip at Baikal lake with landing to the shore where the old Tran-Siberian railroad is laid, had a tour in Kalashnikov museum in Izhevsk where we had a little practice with a real gun shooting.

We've tasted the variety of national dishes including some delicious of Buryatian, Udmurtian and Tatar cuisine and of course the famous Kamchatka crabs. We have visited national parks including the enormous Stolbi park in Krasnoyarsk. We were driving under pouring rain and few days later under the baking sun and +33 degrees outside.


For me it was like a family ride. All days long spending time together, discussing the route, sharing pictures, joking, drinking beer and etc. I will never forget this as for me it was something very very personal and special! And I am already counting the days to visit these amazing people in Vienna.

It was a fantastic trip and we definitely need some time to take a break and think about it.

But what can I say right now is a big, big, big thank you to the RMT back office team who made an incredibly hard work to organize all of it. And thank you Alexander Rubtsov for your tips and all the routing job you've made. And I would also like to say a big thanx to our partner Patrick who helped to see these guys in Russia.

Keep calm and ride motorcycle in Russia!"