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Top-5 longest and most challenging routes on the Earth or Why you must ride Trans-Siberian Route

There are many roads on the Earth, straight and with many turns, paved and gravel, flat or mountain. But there are several that distinguish from others because of their history, significance, rich scenery and variety of places you visit and experience.

Some of them are easy paved roads, others required advanced riding skills and have gravel segments. These roads are all about long distance riding and we think each one deserves to be ridden. It doesn't matter in what order to ride this routes, they all deserve it. Doing these journeys will give you unique opportunity to see with your own eyes how our planet looks like, how people live in different countries, what they think, feel. You will see great lakes and deep forests, steppes and deserts, mountains and endless fields.

So what are these roads?

1) USA. Route 66 is most famous and wanted route for motorcycle travelers from all other the world. 100% paved roads, easy riding, USA is a great country with excellent infrastructure, no problems with language. Distance approx 4500 km

2) Canada. Trans-Canadian Highway - road that goes from Pacific to Atlantic Ocean through all 10 regions of Canada, its around 7800 km, paved road. Not so famous as Route 66, but also interesting and challenging

3) Australia. Perth to Sydney - road along the southern coast of Australia, part of Australian Highway 1. Nice opportunity to experience Australia riding through most developed regions of this country. Approx. 4000 km, road is paved, no problems with infrastructure or language, difficult to bring own bike because of custom cleaning procedures

4) The Pan-American Highway is the world's longest motorcycle road that connects Alaska (USA) with Ushuaia (Argentina). Its approx 30 000 km of paved roads (there are few short gravel segments of 150-200 km) with many different countries on the way with different cultures, languages, level of life. Long and interesting adventure, many opportunities to ride paved segments, in general requires advanced level of riding, not beginners choose

5) RUSSIA. Moscow-Vladivostok, Trans-Siberian Route (optionally with Road of Bones segment) - legendary roads that goes through all the Eurasia Continent, crossing all Russia from West to Far East. Its 10 000 km and 7 time zones. Until recent years it was literary closed for international riders because of lack of infrastructure, language barriers, tough road conditions. 1600 km of most difficult part was asphalted just 5 years ago and still considered to be pretty wild area. Still nowadays situation is changing and riding Trans-Siberian Road today is not more difficult that riding Trans-Canadian Highway. It is one of the must ride world roads and we hope more and more people will do Explore Russia and enjoy Moscow-Vladivostok route in the nearest years.

When it will be turn of Russia in your bucket list please feel free to contact us would you have any questions. We would be glad at least to meet for a glass of beer. Or may be ride with you all the route being your hosts and guides in Russia.

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