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Weekend Tour Ride Report - Novgorod in June

Kirill, RMT Tour Guide

Today I will tell you about one special journey that took place in mid-June. 

Day 1 Moscow - Kasimov

Early in the morning on Thursday we leave the office in a small group - Artem, Sergey, Danila and Kirill. All riding different bikes: two Triumph Tigers, BMW 1200GS and Honda VFR. We meet with two more riders, Yuri and Yuri, on BMW R1200GS  as well near the petrol station on the Moscow Ring and ride  towards the “third Russian capital” - Lukhovitsy.

Here we make first stop at the monument to the cucumber breadwinner - an indispensable attribute of the ancient Russian meal. We take a few photos and push towards Kasimov to cross Oka river with a ferry.


After crossing the river we make our way with secondary roads heading to Kasimov, our first day night stop. Roads are nice, views or nature are admiring, everything is green and air is fresh.

After another turn we see a small path that leads us to the shore of the beautiful and extremely clean White Lake with the purest water. We drop our bikes and go swimming. After short break we stop for lunch with traditional Russian dishes - ushitsa and kvass.

We are already close to the  Kasimov. We ride around the city, make stops at several old buildings, for example of few surviving mosques of the 15th century, and go to the hotel - a wonderful guest house with a gorgeous view called Zhukova Gora.

Day 2 Kasimov - Nizhny Novgorod

We leave the cozy Kasimov and drive to the Murom, Golden Ring city that is more than 1000 years old. Full of old monasteries, with small streets and great white-stoned Kremlin in the center, this city is a must visit for all travelers riding from Moscow to the East. In the city we have lunch on the picturesque promenade overlooking the Oka.

After we go to Nizhny Novgorod with another secondary road and flood meadows. Closer to the city traffic is more intense. Our hotels is practically in the center, so we leave motorcycles and make a walking promenade along the local Arbat Street, listen to street musicians, admire the merchant architecture. We visit Chkalov’s ladder, the Kremlin and complete our acquaintance with the city in a local craft brewery.

Day 3 Nizhny Novgorod - Vladimir

In the morning we leave Nizhny Novgorod and go to Ivanovo, city that is famous for most beautiful girls in Russia. Passing a little traffic, we are heading towards the dam of the Nizhny Novgorod hydroelectric station, then by secondary roads we go to the capital of one of the old Russian crafts - Palekh, here the local guide during hour walking tour over the city center tells us to the intricacies of this difficult craft. We met with the works and life of local artists and craftsmen visiting local museum.

Two motorcycle travelers from Magnitogorsk were met on the road. The guys are traveling the third day in the direction of Moscow and were happy to have a couple of phrases about the road and motorcycles. We buy souvenirs and drive in the direction of Shuya. While I went to deal about the lunch at a local restaraunt, Artyom got the keys to the bell tower and climbed with the guys to the very top of the belfry. Boys go down and we have a lunch.

After we drive to Vladimir. This is one of the oldest cities of the Russian Golden Ring, also more than 1000 years old. On the way to the city lightning flashes and thunder is heard, but the cloudy front passes us by and we enter the city with only a couple of drops on the windshield. We walk along the old streets, admiring the ancient temples and merchant houses along the main street then having dinner in the drinking house of the merchant Andreev not far from the Golden Gate for a dense snack and easy conversation.

Day 4 Vladimir - Moscow

Today, we have probably the most intense program for the entire tour. In the morning we go to watch the exposition of motorcycles in the museum of local collector - Lev Pestov. There are a lot of interesting exhibits from pre-war models to modern serial motorcycles. The most interesting exhibits are motorcycles of the famous travelers and racers, which are the highlight of the exhibition.

The next stop is another ancient city of the Golden Ring - the Suzdal. Here we walk, get acquainted with local temples and monasteries, make a promenade along the city center. After a short grab on minor roads, we will have lunch in Pereslavl -Zalessky. The weather was so nice and we decided to swim just before the lunch in Plescheyeva Lake. Cool water refreshes us in the heat, filling us with a charge of cheerfulness.

Now we are ready for the new challenges. We set off to watch the main surrounding attraction - the open-air museum of locomotives. Here we were faced with unplanned enduro special stage in the form of a dirt road poured with sand, but we stood the test with honor and were able not only to get to the museum, but also to get back without any incident.

After a warm parting at the last gas station in front of Moscow, we are going home, but I am sure that all the participants of this trip will remember our summer joint adventure for a long time.

I want to express a special thanks to Mike, as the author of this tour, and to invite you on exciting trips around the cities of the Golden Ring. The nearest routes can be found on our website.

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Road from Moscow


Group photo

Murom Kremlin

Nizhniy Novgorod evening sunsetHydro Plant Novgorod