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Your safety throughout the trip is our main priority.

Before the trip starts we will provide some theoretical insights, instruct and show you the ways how to safely ride a bike on the Russian roads. On the road our leader will warn you about the parts of the road that are unsmooth, roads potholes and removed asphalt in order for you to maneuver safely.

We will help you with preparing for the trip – choose the right riding gear, including proper clothes for riding in the rain or severe weather. We will tell you specifics of riding on the dirt roads, during the night and many other insightful details.

Our guides have first aid kits with them at all times and are able to provide the basic first aid. Most importantly, we will show you how to drive safely without ever needing to use the first aid kit. Working with the international clients for many years now, we have learned basic safety guidelines, which are widely used in Europe and the USA by the leading tour operators in the industry. We apply the acquired knowledge in our everyday operation in Russia.

We are sure to have a set of basic tools that we may need while on the road, as well as write down contacts of the service stations along the way beforehand. Our guides have all the required technical knowledge and skills.

We tend to take secondary roads for our trips that have less traffic as opposite to federal highways. Riding secondary rods is safer and more fun. Regular speed on such roads is 100-110 km\h. While on highway we ride at 120-130 km\h.

All of the roads that we take have previously been checked and assessed before to ensure an enjoyable and safe ride. Each motor bike is thoroughly checked before each ride to ensure its safety and reliability