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Vladivostok - Magadan. Road of Bones in 18 days. Adventure ride for adventure riders

Vladivostok-Magadan tour down the famous Road of Bones. For experienced riders only. Tour with off road segments (50% asphalt, 50% gravel). Real challenge for real adventure riders. Limited availability for 2020/2021. 6-8 bikes + support VAN
  • Dates - 1-18th of July and 1-18th of August 2020 and 2021
  • Duration – 18 days (12 riding days + 4 rest days + 2 days arrival/departure)
  • Total mileage – 5000 km
  • Road 50% asphalted, 50% gravel. Good off road riding skills are required
  • Price is 6950 EUR (includes F800GS)
  • Deposit for the motorcycle 1500 Euro
  • Price if you ride your own bike – 4750 EUR 
  • Extra price for the passenger (in support VAN) – 3000 EUR
  • Single room supplement – 550 EUR

Key tour highlights: Road of Bones, Vladivostok, old villages and ghost towns, GULAG camps, exciting road, seafood, local cuisine

Price includes:

  • Motorcycle rental (BMW F800GS)
  • Petrol
  • Accommodation in 1-4* hotels (based on sharing a double / twin room, several days in tents)
  • English-speaking guide on a motorcycle
  • Support VAN  
  • Breakfasts (during all days)
  • Meals (lunch and dinner during riding days)
  • Entry tickets to places of interest
  • Welcome dinner
  • Souvenir pack

Price does not include:

  • Air tickets to Russia
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa counsel fee

Route: where we will go

Vladivostok – Khabarovsk – Blagoveshchensk – Tynda – Aldan – Yakutsk – Khandiga – Kubume – Ust-Nera – Susuman – Gerba river – Magadan

Day 1. Arriving to Vladivostok

Getting bikes, making final preparations, meeting with the team and welcome dinner.

Day 2. Vladivostok - Khabarovsk, 760 km

Long riding day to one of the most beautiful cities of the Far East regions. Unfortunately, we don't have much time to enjoy it, but we will have at least several hours to walk around.

Day 3. Khabarovsk - Blagoveschensk, 730 km

Another long riding day to reach Blagoveshchensk, a city located right on the Chinese border. China will be on the other side of the Amur river. We try Chinese food in the evening and go to sleep not too late. Real adventure starts tomorrow. 

Day 4. Blagoveschensk, rest day

Today we change tires from road to off-road and do final preparations before entering gravel segments of the road. Next 1000 km it will be 50/50 paved/unpaved.

Day 5. Blagoveschensk - Tynda, 780 km (turn from Trans-Siberian Route to Magadan/Road of Bones)

After several hours of ride we will make a turn to Magadan. Lena highway will start after the turn (from Trans-Siberian Route to Yakutsk it’s Lena highway for approx. 1200 km, from Yakutsk to Magadan Kolyma highway for 2000 km more). In 2006 road to Yakutsk was named by one of the world leading car magazines as the most dangerous road on the Earth, overcoming infamous “Death Road” in Bolivia and several other tough roads. But the good news is that during last years situation has changed and today the road is under construction, some segments are already paved, other are in process. So today situation is not so bad.

Day 6. Tynda - Aldan, 460 km

One more day of mostly asphalted road, but with gravel segments.

Day 7. Aldan - Yakutsk, 540 km

Yakutsk is the capital of Saha republic, it’s a city with a population of more than 300 000 people. After five riding days we have a rest day here.

Day 8. Yakutsk, rest day

In the first half of the day we have a city tour. There is a free time after that.  

Day 9. Yakutsk - Khandiga, 410 km

In 50 km from Yakutsk a paved road will be over and next 2000 km to Magadan will be a gravel road - legendary Kolyma highway. Khandiga, a place we stay for a night today, is one of the few "large" towns on our way to Magadan. 

Day 10. Khandiga - Tomtor, 350 km

This place is the coldest on the Earth where people live. In winter temperature goes down to -50-70 degrees!!! 

Day 11. Tomtor, rest day

Rest day in the Pole of Cold. We visit local museum, make photos with Stella and recover after previous days.

Day 12. Tomtor - Ust-Nera, 240 km

Ust-Nera is a last big city we pas; next one is Magadan. Next two days we stay in tents. 

Day 13. Ust-Nera - Susuman, 390 km

Today we visit ghost city Kadikchan. In previous times it was a small town with several factories/plants that gave job to local people. As the authorities closed all the factories, there was no more electricity and heating system so all the citizens quickly left the place. Today it’s one of the most famous ghost cities in Russia. 

Day 14. Susuman - Gerba River, 320 km 

For night we stay in tents.

Day 15. Gerba River - Magadan, 310 km

Before reaching Magadan we visit a former prison camp, one of the few which is still remaining on the road. Most of the prison camps in this region were closed after Stalin’s death (50-60th of past century), most of them soon were destroyed. This one remained untouched and today we can see how people lived and worked in these places.

Day 16. Magadan, rest day

City tour and farewell dinner. 

Day 17. Magadan, extra reserve day in case of late arrival

Day 18. Magadan, departure

Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones

​​​​Road of Bones